Automate your house

PhabTech will help you achieve the laziness you are always dreamed of. We will make you do a lot of things without moving out of your comfortable couch or bedroom.

Control the house with just one application

Most of the home automation installers have a dedicated application for a given solution and after implementing everything you will endup with a numerous version of applications to do different things. Our goal is to make that process easier to manage

Home Security

When it comes to your security, we want to make sure that you have the best of the latest but not having to break the bank. Our expertise in the home security field has made us to make many happy customers. Your house or assets will be well secured with our professional installation.

Contact us

Whether it is a simple lighting project or a whole smart house project, make sure to reach out to us and we will be making the whole process easy for you.

Let’s Plan

Let’s sit down and talk about your project to come up with the best solution design for your needs.


Sit back and relax while we do the leg work for you. We will make sure all your needs are fully executed before we leave the house.